[HIGHLIGHT] G5SH: 舉刀自盡Back to Heaven ft.莫宰羊

I, shamefully, am only discovering this song three months after its release. I’m not familiar with G5SH or Mo Zai Yu莫宰羊, but I really love this piece they put out. I’m not really sure how to classify it. It’s predominantly electronic and has a sound that I associate with Taiwanese EDM very much but I feel like just calling it EDM doesn’t really cut it. I don’t love the drop, it’s a little too heavy on the dubstep side however the vocal parts are what really grabs me. The melody is pretty simple but the way the song is structured makes it dynamic as a whole especially when you add in Mo Zai Yu’s bridge (does that count as a bridge? lol). I also like the jazzy tune after the last time the dubstep-like beat drops, it closes the song nicely.


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