[NEW RELEASES] Z.TAO黃子韜 – Beggar

Z.TAO AKA Huang ZiTao, just released a new MV and this time he is a ‘Beggar’ for you~ Okay the lyrics of the chorus might be a little cringe for some people but I’m low key impressed.  Tao has always been mostly an idol to me even after he left EXO, I was concerned he would get sort of tossed out of the industry without a group. His company really put a lot of effort into packaging him as both a singer and rapper. I know his voice isn’t the best so these types of EDM-like R&B songs are a good match. I think if EXO hadn’t have too many members he probably would have sang more. His singing is nice but I also love just the instrumental of this song.

As for the MV I was expecting a generic, shallow, typical tropical MV where Tao seems to be a typical rich boy with an Aventador, partying on some private island and meets a nice pretty girl. Said pretty girl also just happens to own a Ferrari 458 and a boat. I didn’t think he was going to be the one getting played in the end but it does fit the narrative of the song. I was super exasperated when they escaped the kidnappers just like that! It totally makes sense though after you see the end. Just me being nit-picky, they really could have maximized Tao’s martial arts skills in the fight scenes. He’s a master at that, the fight scene in here is a bit too fake.


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