[HIGHLIGHTS] Geng Si Han耿斯漢: Never Again 再也没有

I am featuring a phenomenal performance of the song Never Again再也没有(originally by Ryan.B) by a lesser known singer, Geng Si Han耿斯漢. Geng Si Han isn’t a huge star or anything in China but he’s definitely an A class talent that deserves to be celebrated. He’s participated in singing competitions such as this one where he competed against famous star, Hua Chen Yu华晨宇.

The intensity and emotion put into this performance is too remarkable. It’s always touching to see singers completely, whole heartedly, throw themselves into their music and story. With a voice that has to much weight and raw masculinity, Geng Si Han very emotionally and successfully expresses the desperate, bittersweet pain of letting someone go. Through the combination of his voice, honest attitude and tones, you hear a story especially when he sings the lines “我決定我再也不會愛你,因為你心已不在這裡 I’ve decided not to love you every again, because your heart is not here anymore”.


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