Got to posting another critique video on critiquing photography and design from Lim Hyunsik’s awesome mini album, Rendez-Vous. While simple, they did a good job putting the design of thsi album together.

I love space concepts but sometimes it can be overdone and come out cheap. RENDEZVOUS was art directed very elegantly. It’s less sci-fi and more about discovery and travel.

The photographs themselves are simple but they used colors to make it interesting and appealing to the eye. It’s the same setting but they change from day to night and add different elements through the photoshoot

The holographic textures work and I love the additional items like the passport and boarding pass. The space theme resonates throughout the whole album design.

As for the music, I’m more lukewarm about it but that is just my personal preference. BTOB is a very talented veteran group, I am glad they’re still making music. Their vocals, especially live, really shine.


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