[ALBUM CRITIQUE] NCT127 Neo Zone The Final Round

Check out the album critique for Player No. 1 and Player No. 2 of NCT127’s repackaged album: The Final Round. This was an album that had a very fun concept but artistically wasn’t executed to its maximum potential, let’s see what opportunities there are to make it better!

The problem with this album lies both in photography and in the post-production. It is graphically very boring for such a fun concept. Some concepts require more elegant and minimal graphic work but a gaming concept warrants so much more. I put together a few examples done really quickly just to show some options for design. If the photography is boring, you can always use graphic design to curate the album better. Otherwise it lacks substance and literally just becomes a big vessel for some photocards and CD.

Regarding photography, the angle of the photographs is rather boring for a concept like this. This could have been a good opportunity to pull out fish eye lens or just use more dramatic angles to convey the energy of the music.

In terms of set design, it is also very bland, especially for Player 1. They have a racing concept but chose to carry out the shoot in an indoor studio. I think this would have made more sense if it was photographed in a neutral-colored parking garage where you have some more textures.

As for the music, I think it’s a decent album. My favorite track is probably Love Me Now. The title track ‘Punch’ lacks a bit of energy especially when the original album (not repackage) had a crazy title track like ‘Kick It’. Out of all the subunits in NCT, NCT 127’s music is probably the hardest for me to immerse myself into which is unfortunate because the talent is crazy.


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