[NEW RELEASE] 田馥甄 Hebe Tien:皆可 Anything Goes

Music Rating: 9.5/10 | Music Video Rating: 10/10

I’m always excited for Hebe’s music. After branching out and going solo, she’s had quite a few memoral works. All of them are very authentic to her style and thinking. Many of her lyrics are questions to the society around us. “Anything Goes” asks many questions but it centers on freeing and forgiving ourselves from the mess of the world and mental constrictions we put on ourselves. If we could just let it all go. The music isn’t complicated and opts for an emotional piano track in the back.

The music video is a dazzling production of travel scenery with artsy animations scattered throughout. Like you may have guessed, the destination is California. You can see many landmarks throughout the video such as the Santa Monica Pier, Joshua Tree, what looks like Grand Canyon but could be Kelsey Dunes in the Mojave Desert or Afton Canyon. She showed a side of California most people don’t think of (people think of Hollywood and beaches more than the deserts and natural environment).


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