[OG vs COVER] Jolin Tsai: I’m Not Yours 青春有你2

In the collab week of  青春有你2 Youth with You 2, all trainees were paired with a mentor to perform. Lisa from BLACKPINK had her trainees perform Jolin Tsai’s I’m Not Yours. The original piece was one a collaboration between Jolin and Namie Amuro.

I know everyone was anticipating Lisa’s stage but for this one, I prefer the original much more. Aside from Lisa, I think the rest of the girls missed the mischevious but savage attitude that’s required for a song like this. They were more stiff and serious. I’m all for everyone having their own versions but it has to work. Without the right spunk, the english verses feel a bit awkward.

I think the choreography may have been the biggest issue here. It doesn’t match the energy or pace of the song. Lisa’s part looks good because her dance matches it and she has all the right expressions where as when the rest of the group is dancing it lacks the high energy. They sound quite tired and probably did not get much sleep preparing for this stage.


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