MAX 최강창민: Chocolate Review

Song Rating: 9/10 | MV Rating: 8.5/10

Going to promote this because I feel like SM has not been giving OG veteran artists like DBSK the publicity they deserve. MAX Changmin dropped his new single, Chocolate, last month. DBSK’s activities have dwindled significantly since JYJ left but the remaining members have still been steadily working on their craft. At this point, the only real point in staying as a group is for the fans or else all of them are more than capable of going solo. MAX’s new song is proof of this.


While I’m unsatisfied with how SM has handled their matters with PR, I’m glad they put in effort to showcase MAX’s amazing vocals in ‘Chocolate’. His maturity shines through this. MAX’s known for his extensive vocal range and this song definitely makes good use of it. The song has many intricate parts and stands out very much from usual Kpop idol songs. My favorite parts are when the beat drops and he speaks in a low pitched voice.

As far as lyrics go, like many pop songs, there’s nothing too deep in it. I let it slide besides I don’t understand Korean and just enjoy the music for what I hear.


I won’t go in depth with this video because there’s really no need to. Design and editing wise, it’s fine, nothing to nit pick. My only suggestion is to remove the driving scene as that is unnecessary and contributes nothing.


Despite the music video being just okay, I really like the design and branding with this album and appreciate the effort and work put into creating something unique.


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