SEVENTEEN: Oh My! 어쩌나 Music Video Review

Song Rating: 10/10 | MV Rating: 10/10

SEVENTEEN in general has solid music videos with great set designs. Of course their great, distinct, visuals also contribute to the appeal of everything. But regardless of looks, they are one of the more recent Kpop groups that I can say brings consistent quality to all their music. Oh My! is no exception. It is one of the best examples of difficult, smart color theory. The color pallete is very cohesive and melds well with the out designs. Every set shows consistent design elements and style. I love whimsically minimal style of every set. It is like every Instagrammer’s dream. They don’t use too many props or decorations, just enough color accents and lighting to create a classy but fun and unique visual experience.

Check out the original Korean version too!


The concept of this music video is they go to sleep in the beginning (WEARING SHOES) and enter into a dreamlike world. I like how the CGI is minimal and they make great use of lighting and colors to create the dream world.

Josh is that you? Take off the shoes!

The dance sets are consistent with everything else as they use the same sets, restructured.

My favorite is the cloud set. It is fun and creative yet very simple with a gorgeous color pallet.

lighting and color is everything here

If I were to be nitpicky, it would be the moment over here where Mingyu comes in right after Jeonghan in the cloud set. They are dressed in the same colors, red and white. I think it’s a little too similar to come in right after each other. If I wasn’t familiar with the members nor paying close attention, I would have thought they were the same person.

After the cloud set, they go through the door and enter into a paradise. The tropical paradise is a very smart set. You can obtain so many different angles and shots that makes it look like there’s more to it than there actually is. The fake animals which would normally be ridiculous, fit quite well in there. The artificiality of everything including the grass and flowers is deliberate and does not feel like they’re trying to create something real out of fake items.

In this paradise, they also come onto an island. Notice how the colors in every set, althought different, harmonize with each other.


There’s not much to say here. SEVENTEEN always have some very creative and fun dance choreographies. I suspect it’s because the members themselves, like Hoshi, take part in choreographing. Oh My! is very playful but not childish and accentuates every member’s charm effectively.


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