ATEEZ: WONDERLAND Music Video Review

Song Rating: 7/10 | MV Rating: 7/10

FYI these are just my personal opinions. I’m not familiar with ATEEZ at all and am just judging based off of what I see. As far as set design goes, all the visuals in the video were actually pretty good. I liked the concept and every set worked with each other. However I won’t go into depth on design this time because there was something much more pressing that caught my attention. I would have given the music video something higher than 8/10 if it wasn’t for the editing.


The rhythm of cuts is completely off starting from the beginning. They shift scenes at very random times which throws off the whole video because what you expect to see based on the song is very different from what’s actually shown. It’s the same editing issue throughout the video. You expect some visual change when there’s a heavy beat drop but many times there aren’t. Here are a few time stamps to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

[ 0:24 – 0:28 ] The moments where the scenes cut don’t match the music.

[ 1:52 – 1:59 ] Beat will start a new phrase but the video doesn’t shift scene and cut. The timing of some cuts come a little too early as well before the beat change.

[ 2:45 – 2:48 ] The footage of the big moment where the music shifts back to the main tune should have been treated more carefully. It loses impact because they started the scene of the member approaching the camera too early.


For the song, I like the background track and the beats it has with the band that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. However the actual melody that runs throughout leaves little impression and I don’t think they made the full use of the background track.


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