[OGvsCOVER] Wanli万里 – HYUKOH혁오

I heard Cai Weize蔡維澤’s (from Taiwanese band, Fool and Idiot 傻子與白痴) version of Wanli万里 before the original. I won’t go too deep in my affinity for Fool and Idiot’s music in this post (there’s too much to say, they’re amazing). I had been following the show ‘The Coming One明日之子2’ for awhile and rooting for my favorite, Wei Ze. I thought it was a freaking awesome song when he sang part of Wanli on the last episode.

I was quite surprised to see that the original was HYUKOH. My first thought is that
they translated a Korean song into Chinese for the show but then was completely impressed and shocked when I heard the original in Chinese! It was really cool to see a Korean artist right a song specifically in Chinese. In the past a lot of Kpop groups had sung in Chinese but it was always a Korean original, changed. Frankly Korean and Chinese are pretty different, the rhythms that work for the Korean language don’t necessarily work that well for the Chinese language.

I heard HYUKOH first many many years ago when they first debuted. I remember the first song I heard was ‘Comes and Goes’. I fell in love after the first line. I didn’t follow too closely in the last few years but man it’s great to see that they’re still producing very high level, thoughtful music. I think both versions are really great, kind of similar. The main difference is singing style. If I were to choose, I prefer Weize’s style of singing more. It’s a little heavier with accents on certain notes, but both versions are amazing and I really applaud HYUKOH. It’s awesome to see him singing in Chinese and speaking it during interviews. Below is the original, they filmed a bomb-ass music video for this song.


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