[BROWN SUGAR THOUGHTS] Crazy Rich Asians’s Yellow by Katherine Ho

This probably sounds really bad, I haven’t actually seen ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, I won’t give too many excuses other than the fact that I didn’t have time. I’ve been ecstatic for the movie’s success though and have heard so many amazing things about it. Feels great to have a good representation. I came across the Chinese version of Yellow (by Coldplay) on PhantaCity幻樂之城 originally. Victoria Song had performed it. Honestly it didn’t click that it was the Yellow by Coldplay when I first watched her performance. I youtubed the lyrics and found out, which led me to Katherine Ho’s version in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Despite all I heard about the movie, I was never told they sang songs in Chinese in there!

I know the general American’s impression of Chinese music is quite skewed and old fashion. Unlike Kpop, the Chinese music market has not cared much in marketing outside of the Mandarin speaking countries. Even though Yellow was originally an English song, I think it’s great that Mandarin was put into a different light on large screen in America. I hope that it might serve as a gateway to a thinking that Chinese music doesn’t equate to Chinese New Year music.

I think many Chinese speaking Asian Americans have certain insecurities with their native tongue. Many of us were teased as children when we speak Chinese. Our names are butchered like no other. To see it being respected by other Americans on large screen is very refreshing. I really hope people open up to Mandopop. If they could take the time to read into the lyrics, they might discover something different. Thoughtful and compelling songwriting is highly valued in Chinese music. Artists with the longests careers are usually the ones that have songs not only with great melodies and tunes but lyrics as well.


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