Hello! American born, Hong Kong singer, 方大同Khali Fong is our featured artist for the week! I’m not the most avid listener of Khali Fong but I was always impressed when I did listen to his music. His music is very different from the mandopop you would come across more often. He is not afraid to borrow western styles like jazz and soul to create music. He also has the raspy voice to compliment it well. Not only is he an amazing singer, he is also a well respected composer who has arranged songs for many big singers.

For a throwback with his music, here is 愛愛愛Love Love Love, an older song. It definitely gives me feelings of nostalgia as it has a very unmistakable melody.

I’ve seen Khali on a few variety shows. Despite being such a big star, he is very humble and kind to the people around him. I also thought he would be a good pick this week due to his values and goals. He has his own label in which he nurtures artists and makes music with the intention of hitting a more international audience by mixing in different styles that appeal to a larger population.

I love the progression and build-up of this song and the upbeat feel. From the beginning I was expecting it to sound steady and minimal with just the beats throughout the whole song but then more and more layers and instruments came in as the song progressed.

And for some fast paced funk, here ya go!

I will be posting more of his music throughout the week. Stay tuned!


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