[NEW RELEASES] 甜約翰Sweet John – 留給你的我從未 Those Things I Kept

Good Sunday! Let 甜約翰Sweet John lull you to peace with ‘留給你的我從未 Those Things I Kept’ in the heat of all the Super Bowl energy today. Sweet John is a Taiwanese band that debuted a couple years ago. While they are relatively unknown, they do make some cool music. While the vocals are soft and steady, the background arrangement infuses a lot of life to the piece. The brass solo (trumpet? Sax? Can’t tell) was also a really nice touch to the overall arrangement, giving it flavor. I can visualize this song playing in the background of a game of Katamari while you’re rolling the ball around collecting stuff.

I love the whimsy character of the set design especially of the interior in the beginning of the video and how none if it really makes sense. The room is like a huge treasure chest, though it’d probably be unsettling to live in.


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