[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] 熊梓淇Dylan Xiong – 冠名幫兇 Accomplice Titled

I was absolutely shocked when I came across 熊梓淇 Dylan Xiong’s music videos. I had no idea he was a singer from the Taiwanese group Spexial; I had only been watching his dramas and thought he was completely an actor. His voice is actually pretty good, it’s got a nice deep, thick, tone that’s evident in this song, ‘冠名幫兇 Accomplice Titled’.

In regards to the dramas, I must admit I am impressed. I generally have low expectations for idols who act due to bad past experiences. While he has a lot of room to improve, I think for what it is, he’s done a great job. Both his characters in 浪花一朵朵 My Mr. Mermaid and 國民老公Pretty Man were very endearing and a pleasure to watch.

Here’s the first song I saw from him that made my jaw drop. It’s a little bit strange to see him rapping in this manner. It’s a stark contrast from his baby face and his good-boy roles in the dramas. I don’t really like the song as I don’t think it fits him but it’s definitely very entertaining to watch after you’ve seen his acting roles.


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