[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] 林俊傑 JJ Lin – 黑夜問白天 53‭ ‬Dawns

來自暮光的明信片         The postcard from the twilight rays
它無聲無色無言              It silently, without color, without words
翻過山巔跟我扮鬼臉      Flips over the mountain summit and gives me a funny face

Last year our dear love song king, 林俊傑 JJ Lin released a new album that went straight to topping charts. Today I will be sharing with you ‘黑夜問白天 53‭ ‬Dawns’, the actual translation is more interesting than the English name, it translates to ‘the night asks the day’. While I love JJ as an artist and think he has the voice of an angel I don’t necessarily love all his songs. I shuffled through his album before coming across this song in which I thought the melody and the lyrics were both really great.

I like that the lyrics is not a typical love song. It’s almost like a poem in which he sings about a lonely dialogue and relationship between the dark nights and the bright days of life. He characterizes these none tangible entities and paints a picture with his voice.


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