[BROWN SUGAR PICKS] 方大同Khali Fong – Catch a Dream

Good morning! Did you happen to ‘Catch a Dream’ with 方大同Khali Fong yesterday night? Okay, I know if I show you even just a frame of the music video you’re going to

turn away in disgust because you’re going to think it’s immature. So instead, here is a lyric video for you to listen to the song FIRST. Below is a link to the actual MV. This is the theme song for the movie(?) Emi The Dream Catcher. Despite the way it looks, it’s really a nice uplifting song perfect for you to charge through Friday mornings with!

Actual MV: Catch a Dream

大家早! 昨晚有和 方大同 Catch A Dream 嗎?我知道如果我直接放MV 你們一看到第一秒就會轉頭走人,所以 我先放歌詞飲片,讓大家先聽完歌在去看 MV. 雖然MV 可能看起來幼稚但這首歌是會讓人開心的! 早上聽會覺得特別舒服!


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