[NEW RELEASES] aMEI張惠妹 – 壞的好人 Damaged

Back with aMEI張惠妹 today! She just released the MV for ‘壞的好人 Damaged’, directly translates to ‘damaged person’. It’s a slow beautiful song about embracing your emotional scars and regardless of how ‘damaged’ people can be, they are all to be loved.

Props to whoever decided on the set of the MV. I never expected to see 3D printers in this kind of light. I usually see them in 3D labs and what not, it’s not a very romantic machine when you’ve had to deal with the fuss of getting something to print properly. And the whole juicing plastic thing, that’s pretty cool and unusual!

The projection mapping was also well done, grabbing the motion of the juicer and just projecting it on the screen for a nice and relevant visual effect. On a side note, that’s a pretty good 3D printer they got there to be able to print something so thin vertically like that!


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