蘇運瑩Su Yunying or Su Su蘇蘇 as many like to call her is one of the most spirited artists I’ve ever heard of. I first saw her sing on the show, 中國好歌曲Sing My Song, and was blown away by her performance of her self-composed famous song,’野子Wild Child’. It felt like a fresh sea breeze rushing past my ear, full of so much freedom and heart with her crazy unique voice doing those crazy transitions. Skip to 0:53 in the video below to hear.

I have an enormous amount of respect for her as a musician and as a person. Despite all the stardom and glory, she has not lost her carefree, kind, and happy spirit. She is very grounded and always always makes sure her music is true to herself. I saw her on some TV shows and she talked about how she always stands her ground when it comes to her music and does not let any producer change it in any way that doesn’t represent exactly what she is about. She holds a deep connection with the ocean and nature which she grew up around. Her constant connection with nature definitely contributes to the pleasant auras of her music.

冥明 Ming Ming (not sure how to translate into English), is a song about living in the present and appreciating whole heartedly what you see at each moment. There are many artists who create one very very famous songs, while the others easily fall short. With Su Su I feel like she’s always able to consistently match the greatness of her last song.

Su Su’s stylist also does a remarkable job in dressing her up. She pulls off these very unique and fun styles like a fashion queen.


I will be posting more of her music throughout the week, stay tuned!


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  1. Wolfui says:

    Dude thanks so much for sharing her music! She’s so endearing and so genuine!


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