[FEATURE PERFORMANCES] Tan Wei Wei譚維維 – Fake Monk假行僧

蒙面歌王Masked Singer is one of my favorite singing shows for a variety of reasons. While it’s not terribly different from I am a Singer, it has the extra ingredient of mystery that makes is all the more entertaining. Every week, you’re left to guess who the singers behind the mask are. Some are much easier than others.  Here is one performance by Tan Wei Wei 譚維維 of the song Fake Monk假行僧 originally by Cui Jian 崔健. WATCH UNTIL THE END, what’s so great about this performance also is how to builds to a huge strong, unexpected climax towards the end. She’s like a coy kitten in the beginning that evolves to a full on tiger in the end.

I’ve always been a massive fan of Tan Wei Wei. Although she doesn’t really come out with hot songs, her performances are always top notch and she is so incredibly talented. I wish her record company would take the time and effort to really produce a good album for her. Of course every singer’s voice is special but Tan Wei Wei’s really has an extra ability of carrying and changing it’s personality according the song. At certain parts of the performance, although you can’t see her face, you can see her facial expression through her voice and her voice could be described as feigned coy in some parts. Wei Wei has always been a boss at pivoting registers as she moves back and forth seamlessly from modal to falsetto.


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