Why Not 有何不可 is a song by ELLA of S.H.E. from 2015. It’s a haunting song where she rants about society and love and plays the psych girlfriend that chains and nails her boyfriend up. Part of S.H.E’s charm has always been the harmony of the vastly different personalities of each member, Ella, Selena, and Hebe. Ella has always been the goofy and dramatic bad ass of S.H.E, never afraid to speak her mind. Warning, the MV might be slightly graphic for some people but nothing explicit. Despite the craziness, there are truth in her words. My favorite line is this one,
Women are like the weather, difficult to grasp and fathom while men are like the weather forecast, unreliable.
How true!

This song isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for sure because part of the music is actually Ella talking, but I like her DGAF attitude towards how complicated society makes love to be like. How for some reason it’s a huge deal that has to go through so many obstacles and how people seem to think they’re entitled to someone else’s relationship and voices their opinions and objections despite being an outsider. So ‘why not’ just f*ck it all and do what you want?


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