[BROWN SUGAR PICKS]Shi Shi孫盛希 – Shouldn’t不該 不該

I first heard this song, Shouldn’t 不該 不該 by Shi Shi孫盛希 from the drama, Lovestore at the Corner巷弄裡的那家書店 a few years ago. I knew right from when the piano began and gradually built up that I would like the opening song. (Yes I know for some reason the MV shows her playing a guitar while you’re hearing the sound of a piano.) It might seem a little repetitive towards the end but it’s definitely a great relax song for when you’re working or just chilling. If you hear a bit of a Korean tone to her voice, you are not imagining things, Shi Shi is actually a Korean singer that is active in Taiwan!

She participated in the singing competition Avenue of Stars超級星光大道 and has released many songs and albums since then, I’ve had the privilege of stumbling upon her singing live at an event in Taipei a few years back when she was singing the theme song for another drama. If I were to be very honest, I don’t love all her songs but this one I really did enjoy and had it on replay for awhile which is why I’m sharing it with you now!


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